How regular carpet cleaning can save your money and health

One of the things that so many people wonder about is whether they should bother to bring in a high quality carpet cleaning company to clean their carpets or if they should do it themselves. Part of the reluctance is the price, the hassle, and the energy that goes into actually hiring a company when you could just do it yourself, right? Many people have the idea that high quality carpet cleaning is simply going over their carpet with a vacuum cleaner slowly but this is not the case at all.

The fact is that high quality carpet cleaning is so much more than mere vacuuming. It’s the difference between cleaning yourself with a washcloth and a full bath, or the difference between a basic lawn mowing and hiring a full landscaper. In short, high quality carpet cleaning is an essential for your health and for your wallet.

Maintaining your warranty

One factor to consider is maintaining your warranty. Here’s how: if you own a Perth building or a home with a new carpet, one of the most important things you need to remember is that there’s a possibility your carpet is under warranty from the manufacturer. Why does that matter? As long as something is under warranty, if it gets damaged, broken, or otherwise destroyed, it’ll be replaced. If your carpet is under warranty, then that means if something happens to your carpet, you can potentially have it replaced as well. What does this have to do with high quality carpet cleaning? That’s simple: many products, including carpets, require that you treat the product to regular maintenance and do things that will ensure the warranty is not voided.

In the case of carpets, they require high quality carpet cleaning to be done regularly. If you want to know about your specific carpet, contact the company or installer, but it is likely written somewhere in the warranty that you are required to have high quality professional carpet cleaners come in with some regular routine to clean the carpet. Depending on the warranty, it may be anywhere from every 12 months to every 24 months to be able to keep your warranty valid.

But, you say, you vacuum your carpet regularly and you keep all the stains off so that’s good enough, right? If you want to maintain the warranty on your carpet, the answer is no. You must have professional high quality carpet cleaners come and do the work, and not only that but save the receipts as well as proof in case you ever need to cash in on the warranty.

Think of maintaining the warranty on your carpet like maintaining the warranty on your vehicle. To be able to keep the warranty on your car, you must have it serviced regularly, have its oil changed, and do all the other things that come with owning a vehicle. If you never changed the oil on your vehicle, do you think the manufacturer or the dealer would honour the warranty? Of course not.

And your carpet is the same way; if you do not do for your carpet what you can do, and that is bringing Fremantle high quality carpet cleaning companies in to clean your carpet properly, your carpet manufacturer may well void the warranty and would be fully within their rights to do so. If the damage is serious enough and you need to actually replace the carpet, this can cost you many thousands of dollars.

Replace carpets less

It can also help to ensure the longevity of your Joondalup carpets with annual cleaning. This can be incredibly important not only because it would help save your warranty but it also reduces how often you’d have to replace carpets entirely. Instead of a carpet that might last 10 years with simple vacuuming, you could have a carpet that could last for 30 years or more with annual regular carpet cleaning Perth.

Of course that partly depends on how high the traffic flow over your carpeting is, but the bottom line is that regular carpet cleaning is cheaper than replacing carpets and you will have to replace carpets less often if you bring in high quality carpet cleaning companies to be able to clean your carpets for you. Something else to consider is the larger your carpeted area is, the larger your savings by having carpet cleaners come in regularly. If you have a building that has a huge carpeted area, then it will cost every so much more if you have to replace it often.

Better health can be yours

High quality carpet cleaners can also help ensure the longevity of your carpets by removing dust with steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is the only way to ensure that deep seated dust is removed from your carpets. What’s wrong with deep seated dust? The answer is twofold: first, dust that accumulates and stays in the carpet can begin to break down carpet fibres leading to the disintegration of your carpet and shortening its life span. More importantly, Midland dust is a huge factor in allergies that affect people’s indoor health. By keeping your carpets cleaned regularly and dust free, you ensure greater health for yourself and everyone who comes into your home or building.

Another great reason to bring in high quality carpet cleaners is because all that dirt, oil, dust, and other things that accumulate in your carpet that may be invisible to you can slowly begin to have health side effects. This is especially true if you have a thick carpet indoors. The hair from your pets, dandruff, and your hair combine along with everything brought in from the outside and slowly begins to accumulate in your carpet. Vacuuming helps but it is not how you get rid of the deep seated dirt and dust or moulds that can cause seasonal allergies and can even lead to sickness.

Many people have found that the fastest way to begin to clean up their seasonal allergies is to simply have their entire carpet and upholstery cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service. Having your carpets cleaned reduces a huge amount of the dust and allergens that are likely within your home. Coupled with mattress cleaning, sheet washing, and cleaning any other curtains and linens you may have, and doing some window cleaning Perth, a person suffering from allergies previously can notice the difference immediately!

If you happen to have pets then you should not wait for an annual carpet cleaning but instead should have your carpet professionally cleaned every few months, particularly if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies. Just because you are not allergic to the dog does not mean that your sinuses will not notice the allergens in the air that are accumulated in your carpet.

What’s your role?

These are just a couple of the ways that you can help yourself with Rockingham high quality carpet cleaners. But what are some things that you can do? One of the best things you can do is vacuum weekly, every week! So often vacuuming seems to fall by the wayside; it’s one of those little chores that we never get around to because it’s difficult to tell when a carpet is clean or dirty, unless it’s really dirty, so vacuuming seems to be easily forgotten.

And by vacuuming regularly you can dramatically improve the air quality in your own home as well as reducing dust that may accumulate. What’s the secret to good vacuuming? Vacuum slowly! The longer you hover the vacuum over a given space or area on the carpet, the deeper its ability to suck up and clean as well. Vacuuming isn’t fun under the best of circumstances and slow vacuuming less so, but slow vacuuming is the single best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of every single pass.

Have someone else do it?

However, if vacuuming regularly just seems to be something you never seem to get around to, then there is one other very good reason to bring in high quality carpet cleaning companies to assist you and that is you can have them do the chore you do not want to! Many people for whatever reason, either out of lifestyle or simple lack of time are not able to clean their houses properly and this is particularly true when it comes to your carpet.

There are times that doing things like bond cleaning Perth and builders cleaning Perth require the skills of a professional, so hiring a high quality carpet cleaning company is truly your best choice.

However, as your carpet is one of the biggest investments in your home, a damaged carpet can reduce your house’s worth by thousands of dollars, so maintaining a high quality beautiful carpet is important to maintaining the investment of your home or property. If you happen to be a renter, maintaining the quality of the carpet is likely stipulated in your renters’ agreement as well.

Rental agreements are helped as well

If you are a renter, it is very important that you call in quality carpet cleaners regularly to have your carpet cleaned. In this manner you ensure that you will not have to pay for any damages to the carpet, especially if you keep the receipts to prove that you have been proactive in maintaining the quality of the carpet. Keeping the cleaning bills is a great way to prove to the landlord or the carpet manufacturers that you have been doing what you were asked to do. It saves you time on your end of lease cleaning Perth, too.

By having a high quality carpet cleaning company come in and clean your carpets for you, you are not only ensuring greater health, finding savings from not having to replace carpets, protecting your warranty, and even protecting your renters agreements, you are also ensuring that you don’t have to do a chore that perhaps you simply don’t have the time for.

Cheaper than doing it myself?

Having a Mandurah in Western Australia carpet cleaner come regularly might seem like an unnecessary expense, but the fact is if you look at what it would cost you to be able to do the same job, rent the equipment, take time out of your free time, or time off work to be able to do it, as well as try to match the speed at which they can do it, then you will find it is more than a bargain.

A great way to look at it is like this, if a professional carpet cleaner is able to clean your carpets for about $50 per hour and it takes them two hours to do it, you have spent $100 to have your carpets cleaned. That may seem like a bit too much but consider this: if you had to do the same quality level of work it might take you four, five, or even six hours which will no doubt run you more than $100. This does not even include the renting or buying of the same equipment that they will be using.

They will be able to clean your carpets better, faster and more affordably than you can. You might think, “But I do not pay myself so it has to be cheaper?” But your time is money. That is time that you could spend resting, relaxing, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a great time. In short, you could either spend the entire day yourself cleaning your carpets or you can actually save money by having a professional high quality carpet cleaning company come in and do it for you. What makes more sense? Plus, regular cleaning keeps tasks like vacate cleaning Perth from being overwhelming.

It can be such a huge relief to have a chore like that taken away from you by professionals who will not only protect your carpet but also ensure its longevity in a way that you cannot. This can have one other additional health benefit, and that is lowering your stress. Having cleaning done at your home has been proven to lower stress than if you were living in a cluttered environment. Not only that, it gives you free time as well.


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