Window Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Less Often and More Thoroughly


Like so many things in life, windows also need cleaning occasionally. If you happen to have a family or pets, the likelihood is they need cleaned far more often. Whether you are doing it as a regular chore or as part of your end of lease cleaning Perth, windows need to be done, but since window cleaning Perth can be such a bother, wouldn’t it be nice if there were some ways for you to be able to clean your windows less often? That would be a huge benefit to help one of those little chores that never seems to quite get done. So what are some pro tips for being able to keep your windows clean for longer?

Bird feeders

One of the reasons that so many Perth windows need cleaned with greater regularity is often because of something as simple as a bird feeder near the window. It makes perfect sense to have a bird feeder near the window so you can see the birds better, but not only do bird feeders attract birds, they also attract a myriad of other animals intent on getting that bird seed. In addition to that, birds can make your windows dirty in various ways beyond simple excrement. They can land on the windowsill or even your window or build nests on the sill as well. Some people even place their bird feeders on their windowsill. These windows need cleaned far more regularly than if the feeder was on a hanger a little further out in the yard.

So what are a few of the best tips for being able to enjoy your birds and have to clean your windows less? One thing you can do is move the bird feeder out a few feet away from the house near a tree or other areas where birds would prefer to perch instead of perching on your window. Not only does this improve the cleanliness of your window, but by having fewer birds on it, it also helps keep the birds safer as birds oftentimes cannot see windows and will hit them.

Another little tip for being able to clean Fremantle windows less is to feed your birds actual seed instead of using suet feeders. The fat from suet feeders sticks to the feet and beaks of birds and oftentimes their feathers as well. So when they land or run into your window after having had their meal, they are far more likely to leave not just dirt but also the fatty residue of the suet feeder as well.

Here’s a bonus tip: another great way to help insure the long term cleanliness of your windows is to use a window screen on the outside. Not only do window screens allow you to open up your window and enjoy a beautiful day, they can also help protect your feathered friends by giving them something softer than the glass to run into in case they can’t see the glass.

Also, the screen helps shield your windows from some of the larger particulates that may fly, like seeds, leaves, or insects. Not only does this help keep your window clean but if you happen to have your window open, this helps keep your carpets clean as well as less debris is blown inside. Still, a good rule of thumb if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home is to vacuum around the window tracks and window sills to help keep spiders and dust at bay.

One last bird tip to help protect those who feed birds near windows is to put stickers on your windows as well. They make window specific stickers that are easy to apply and easy to take off and do not leave a residue on your window. The stickers are ideal for letting your birds know where the window is so they do not hit it.



As anyone with pets and windows know, they go together like bread and butter. Few pets are immune to the temptation of a window apart from perhaps a goldfish. Dogs, cats, and pet birds all enjoy being able to look outside; however, they are also just as likely to make a mess of your windows while they do it. This is especially true of dogs with their wet noses and drooling jowls. So how can you help keep your window clean from your beloved pet who likes to stick their face on the window? One way that you can achieve this is to use a bitter scent that you apply to the window or to the area. Joondalup cats and dogs do not like the smell of orange and there are orange scented sprays that help train your pets to stay away from certain areas.

Dog noses are particularly sensitive and if they do not like the smell they will not hang around it. On top of that, you get the additional benefit of having cleaner windows and the fragrance of fresh citrus in your home.

Something to keep in mind is because windows are likely to be one of the favourite areas of your pets, this is another reason why you should focus your carpet cleaning Perth around your windows. By vacuuming and cleaning these areas, you reduce your chances of getting seasonal allergies as well as ensuring that your place is in top shape for when you do your vacate cleaning Perth.

Don’t clean your windows on a windy day

This is another pro tip for being able to avoid unnecessary cleaning or even making cleaning become obsolete and that is to avoid cleaning the exteriors of your windows on a windy day. Many people may enjoy the smell of the fresh Midland breeze and it inspires them to do outside chores; however, cleaning your windows on a breezy day can actually cause your windows to become dirtier! The reasoning behind it is simple; as you use water or other cleaning chemicals to spray and wipe down your windows, the dust in the air can begin to accumulate on your wet windows immediately.

Cleaning the exteriors of your windows on a calm day ensures that your windows have time to dry before dust can start to accumulate. If dust does begin to accumulate on your windows, then it will not be long before pollen and other things begin to collect on your windows as well. This is even truer if you live in a humid climate like Rockingham but you can mitigate dust and other things from accumulating on your clean windows simply by waiting for a calm day.

There is of course another very sensible and practical reason for avoiding cleaning windows on breezy days and that is because it can pose a potential undue hazard to your health. If you happen to need to get on a ladder to clean second story windows or you are on a roof, it is far safer to clean those windows on days when it is not windy. Sudden gusts of wind or being distracted by something flying through the air can potentially be hazardous.


Everyone knows that you should wax your car to help keep it clean and the truth is it’s the same for windows as well. Applying window wax to your windows will help them become more resistant to water as well as to dust which may try and stick to them. This window wax can be found at nearly any major market or hardware store. If you have ever had the windows on your vehicle waxed that you know how well window wax works at being able to repel dirt and water. It will be able to do the same for the windows of your home as well. The other benefit of this is that it can be done on both the inside and outside of your windows. So this is another very helpful tip if you happen to have animals or young family members who are likely to dirty up your windows.


Despite their best intentions and lovable nature, children are most likely the natural enemy of any window. They are the most likely to break them as well as some of the most likely to make a mess of them. So what are some of the ways that you can help keep your windows clean and increase safety for your family as well? One of the things that you can do is to simply put something like a low bookshelf for other items in front of the window. You will want to arrange the shelf not so much to block the window but enough that it would block easy access to reaching range. Having a low coffee table that you utilize as a desk is a great way of both protecting the window, giving you the better view from your personal home office, and helping insure that your children keep arm’s length away from it. This works not only for children but your pets as well. The less accessible a window is, the less likely it is to get dirty or broken. And, your child can’t fall out of a window she can’t reach.

Sprinkler systems

Like with the bird feeder, having the sprinklers set to a given distance will help to increase the long term cleanliness of your windows. Depending on how hard your Mandurah in Western Australia (WA) water is, sprinkler systems are just as likely to leave a white calcium deposit as they are to clean anything off. Making sure that your sprinkler system is far enough away that the water does not hit the window is very important to the long term cleanliness of your window. It does not take very many months of sprinkler water on your window for it to begin to accumulate a thin white layer which decreases the cleanliness and visibility of your windows. Setting the sprinklers on a low enough setting or far enough out in the yard that they do not leave hard watermarks on your windows is very important. Not only this, but hard watermarks can decrease the value of your home as it makes your windows less serviceable.

In addition to that, sprinklers have another additional sinister side effect. This goes along with cleaning windows on calm days and that is on windy days and your sprinkler system is on, then the dust and dirt will stick to your windows. This is something you should consider if your neighbour is mowing his lawn too. All that dirt, dust, and grass that he is kicking up into the air will accumulate on your wet windows. Setting your sprinklers to work at night will decrease the chance of neighbours or nature kicking up wind and dirt to dirty your windows.

Builder cleaners

Of course despite the best in mitigation techniques, your windows at some point will still need to be cleaned. No matter how particular you are, it will need done. Cleaning all the windows of your home inside and out and on multiple stories can be a difficult challenge for most people as well as a time consuming and potentially dangerous chore. However, by bringing in builders cleaning Perth, they will be able to help reduce the stress and hazards of cleaning. Professional builder cleaners will be able to work safely on your windows inside and out as well as be able to vacuum up and clean up any messes they leave. Many people bring in builder cleaners during their spring cleaning time when their whole house needs tidied up anyway.

Professional cleaners can easily vacuum and steam clean your carpets, your curtains, and your upholstery, as well as do the windows top and bottom. This all-encompassing cleaning should be done bi-annually as it can have a very positive impact both on the livability and the cleanliness of your home. Having carpets steam cleaned is a great way of reducing the dust and allergens that come through your windows. One of the single best things of it all though is that your building cleaner will be bonded as well. Your bond cleaning Perth will be able to protect you in case of any accidents so they and you are both covered and it also reduces the hazards to your potential health as well since you will not be the one who is scrambling around on the rooftops trying to clean the outside of your windows.

So when your best mitigation efforts fail, don’t be afraid to call in the experts who will be able to clean your windows better and do it safer than you ever could.


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