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Top 3 bedroom house clean tips you should consider when you intend to preserve its beauty for eternity

Do you own a stunning 3 bedroom house which is akin to the most desirable possession for many homeowners and property seekers? If you own such a priced possession then you already have the desire deep inside your heart to keep your domicile in apple pie order sans any blemish around it. Now, having the desire to clean your house is one thing and executing the desire into real action is an altogether different thing. When it really comes to the context of a 3 bedroom house clean you might not be able to get it done in a jiffy. The matter of fact is that cleaning a house in proper fashion is a tricky chore and it does require strategic initiatives. Well, if you are really keen about the cleaning job then here is how you are going to do up your 3 bedroom houses with some quick and actionable steps.

calendarChoose a day when you are less occupied

The cleaning of your 3 bedroom house is surely going to be a time consuming job. There are the curtains, your beds, difficult nooks of the house as well as the kitchen (it might naturally be assumed that it could be in a little messy state). So, it is not very hard to imagine the kind of hard work that you would be required to put in if you really have to get your house out of the messy state. You can choose Saturdays and Sundays for the cleaning job. When you make it a point to initiate the cleaning process do not just jump right into the middle of action. You need to break up the entire process in segments so that you can better results for the 3 bedroom house clean.

Here is a logical way to set the work in progress by breaking it up in manageable chunks.

bedroomThe bed

Your beds are perhaps the most important places in your bedroom where you recline and repose. So, you do need to take a very good care of them for sure. You will need to carry out the cleaning process on the surface level. Taking care of the clothes which are lying on your bed is one of the first things you should do. While cleaning the bed you will definitely need to focus on three essential things. First you need to ditch the dust, second you have to kill the odor of the bed and third you have to zap the stains like they were lever there on your bed linens. Apart from that you might have to deal with bed bugs as well if there is any.


Your curtains are the specific segments which should come under the purview of the overall 3 bedroom house clean process. Your curtains happen to be lightweight and they take the brunt of the weather for days and nights. So, it is quite easy for them to catch dirt and dust. In order to make your curtains stain free you have to resort to deep clean process so that the delicate materials with which your curtains are made do not get busted. While cleansing the curtains you have to make sure that the water is mild cold.

2125Windows and doors

Cleaning the doors and windows of your 3 bedroom house is a task that requires altogether different procedures than that of the bed or the curtains. In order to clean the windows and doors you have to apply a little bit of a sponging after you have rinsed them with clean and cold water. Wipe drying is a very effective technique which you can use after rinsing the windows and doors.


Laundry is also a crucial part of the entire 3 bedroom house clean process. While doing the laundry you would be required to take care of a great deal of scuffs, stains as well as grimes. The thing is really going to get nasty if you are not careful enough about the diversified items such as tie sashes, shirts, clothes, bed covers, lingerie, socks etc. All of them are delicate items and therefore you need to have some sufficient amount of time in hand before you actually get them ready for the wash. Segregation of the items in an opportune fashion is important. Before you start the chore of laundry you need to segregate your items like the delicates, the darks and the whites etc. While doing this tricky chore you really need to refrain from the mayhem of overstuffing.


Your floors might be wooden or they might be built up of ceramic tiles. In both cases you would require specific cleaning techniques. If your floors are wooden you can use waxing as an effective cleaning method. You can also use PH soaps (neutral or mild). You can use dish soaps, spray bottles and a little warm water on vinyl floors and linoleum floors.

If you are simply enamored with the quintessence and poise of your house and would love them to remain that way then you would need to tag along with the suggestions and tips catered here. With strategic and smart execution of the action steps you will be able to preserve the true character and the generous proportions of your house in Western Australia (WA). If you feel that you need more innovation and planned approach than a DIY process for the 3 bedroom house clean you should give a serious thought about calling for professional help.


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