Couch Cleaning: Different Fibers and How to Clean Them.

fdd31f6993dace8c0fda330e281bb323Couches come in different shapes and sizes, colours and patterns, different fabric types as well as different cleaning methods. There are a lot of things to consider when cleaning couches; from deciding the choice of fabric cleaner to choosing if a couch cleaning Perth service would be contacted. Being consciously aware of the type of fabric in your living room or bedroom is a very serious affair, because it can either make or break the shelf life of your couch. There are a numerous number of things to take note of when cleaning a couch based on fiber choice; for instance some fibers don’t do well when cleaned with water, while others need water to come out shinny and looking brand new. Some couches will need a couch cleaning Perth professional service and the rest can be perfectly and effectively cleaned by the owner. Couch cleaning is a very easy project to undertake, but the details can get a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, couch cleaning Perth services can take the stress of making these decisions out your hands while providing a pristine and excellent customer satisfaction based service. This article will walk you through the whole couch cleaning process and give you insight as to how you can safely clean your cloth, leather, microfiber, and synthetic based couches.

How to Know What Type of Couch You Have

The very first thing to do would be to discover the type of couch you have by checking under the couch cushion for a label. There are usually five labels W, S, WS, X or O

W: This means you have a couch made up of natural material, for instance cloth. These kinds of fabric are usually very easy to clean; with just a bowl of soap and water and a sponge or cloth, you could get to work on cleaning your couch.

S: This tag means you have a synthetic type of couch, such as vinyl. These sofa types, do not work well with water and they can only be cleaned with solvent based cleaners

WS: Fibers of this category are a mix of natural and synthetic materials; they are best cleaned by professional cleaner, one of which is couch cleaning Perth services. They can be cleaned with either water based or solvent based cleaners.

X: This fiber is a rare and expensive kind, and should only be cleaned by trained professionals. This can be cleaned only by dry vacuuming

O: These types are fairly new in the couch world. Purely made form organic materials, they are the easiest to remove stains from. The cleaning process involved in this type of fiber is a one step process; wash the material with water.

How to Prepare Your Couches for Cleaning

  • Couches usually have to go through a pre-cleaning stage, before the main cleaning process can occur.
  • One of the first things to do is to move the couches away from the walls; if there is any dirt on the floors, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up.
  • Take a damp cloth and clean the walls and the back of the couch.
  • If the couch has metal or wood at the base, armrest or legs, it is necessary to clean up any dirt or dust, with some soap and water. Use a wood or metal polish to give your couch a glossy outlook.
  • The next step is to remove the couch cushions if possible, vacuuming the couch including all nooks and crannies. If you have an equipped vacuum cleaner, add the upholstery attachment to increase efficiency. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, use a bristle brush to get rid of all dirt and alien particles
  • Do not use coloured towels for this step as the cloth might wash off and change the colour of your couch.
  • Note that the couch cushions should also be vacuumed to remove dust as well as particles such as food. It is also necessary to remove any object that can damage the vacuum cleaner before use; for instance coins.

How to Clean a Cloth Couch.


Cloth fibers are known for their durability and are quite popular among home owners. Cleaning a couch made of natural fiber is quite easy. For this cleaning project, you will need:

Baking soda

Spray bottle/ bowl


Upholstery cleaner (homemade or commercial)

  • First, sprinkle a generous serving of baking soda on your sofa. The baking soda takes care of unpleasant odors such as urine from pets; it also breaks up the stains on the couch.
  • Leave the baking soda on the couch for about an hour, for maximum efficiency. When the time elapses vacuum the baking soda, using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.
  • If there are still stains on the couch, use a fabric cleaner; you can either use a commercial or a homemade fabric cleaner. Get a washcloth, dip it in the mixture and rub on the stains to remove. You could also use a spray bottle and a sponge to scrub the stains out. It takes about 24 hours for the couch to dry, and less time if you open up a couple of windows.

 N/B: Always test the fabric cleaner on an inconspicuous spot before use.

How to Clean a Dralon Couch

Dralon couches are synthetic in nature, made with acrylic fiber. These types of couches are pretty easy to clean, once the proper steps are followed. To clean a dralon couch, 540x360you will need:

A soft brush

Vacuum cleaner

Grease solvent

Dry foam upholstery cleaner

White cloth

  • Brush the sofa with the soft brush to loosen any dirt, after which you vacuum to remove dirt.
  • If there are grease or oil stains on your couch, dab the grease solvent with a cloth and blot on spot or stain till the stain comes off. Ensure the stain is blotted on and not rubbed as this could cause the stain to spread.
  • To get rid of dirt on the other areas of the couch, use the dry foam upholstery cleaner. To do this, take a synthetic sponge with large pores, spray the cleaner on the couch and gently brush until all other stains come off. It is important that a soft sponge or brush is used. When the couch is dry, take a brush and gently brush the couch to restore its former texture; using a vacuum cleaner for this step, is also acceptable.

After cleaning the couch, it is necessary to clean the tassels. Tassels take a lot of time to clean, but it is not impossible to get done. To do this, you will need some ammonia and white vinegar. To begin, put a plastic dustbin bag under the tassels to collect any spilled cleaning solution. In a bucket of warm water add a cup of ammonia and use a soft cloth to dab the solution onto the tassels. In another bucket of warm water, add a cup of vinegar which should be used to rinse the tassels. Make sure you test the ammonia solution on an inconspicuous part of the tassel before use.

The steps for cleaning tassels are easy. However, they might be a bit overwhelming. It is advisable to contact professionals, like a couch cleaning Perth service if you cannot handle the tassels yourself.

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch.


Microfiber can be cleaned with only a bowl of water and some liquid dish soap; it is that easy. It is very important to note that spills or stains should be cleaned as soon as they happen, if possible. All that is needed is a paper towel, and your ability to blot. Microfiber couches are very simple to clean; made up of tiny microfibers, most spills do not soak the fiber rather they collect at the top of the couch. Cleaning tougher stains will need more than some soap and water, you will need:

Rubbing alcohol

Baking soda

A sponge

A soft cloth

  • If the couch gives off an unpleasant smell, take some baking soda and sprinkle all over the couch. Allow the soda to sit on the sofa for about an hour before vacuuming
  • The next thing to do while couch cleaning, is to put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spritz as much as possible on the couch; with a sponge gently scrub first at the stained areas, then at the other parts of the couch.
  • After the couch cleaning process, you can either dry your couch with the cool Perth air, or use a blow dryer. If you choose to use a blow dryer, ensure to enable the cool settings because heat damages microfiber. On the dry couch, use a suede brush to buff the couch back to its original texture.

If you use dishwashing soap while cleaning your couch, do not forget to rinse the sofa by dipping a soft cloth in water and pressing against the affected area.

How to Clean a Leather Couch

Leathers’ delicate and expensive nature has ensured that it can for downloadthe most part be cleaned by products created specifically for it. It is easy to damage leather when you are unsure of the cleaning procedures; using a couch cleaning Perth service can guarantee you a stress free cleaning experience. However, if you choose to clean the leather couch yourself, there are a few things you will need:

A cloth

Leather upholstery cleaner

Leather conditioner

  • To begin, pour some leather cleaner on your cloth and rub in small circles on the couch until the grime disappears. Another cloth should be used to clean up the excesses.
  • Use the conditioner, to give your leather couch a distinct shine.

During the couch cleaning exercise, do not use excess water as this could damage the couch.

How to Clean a Suede Couch.

Suede couches are very sophisticated and can easily be damaged without consistent and images-4proper care. The first thing to do with a new suede couch is to spray on layers of protective spray. This may not be a hundred percent effective, but it does prevent spills from becoming permanent stains. It is necessary to note that for the spray to be effective there is need to spray the suede couch a couple of times. If you have an old couch with a lot of stains, solvent based cleaners will quickly take care of that.

The suede couch should be dusted regularly, with a suede brush and vacuumed weekly because it accumulates a lot of dust.

Tips for Couch Cleaning

While it is necessary to clean couches as frequently as possible, it is as equally important to take note of some certain methods which can be used to preserve couches for as long as humanly possible:

  • If the couch gets a lot of action, it is advisable to clean once a week
  • Do not place the couch under direct sunlight
  • Try as much as possible to rearrange the cushions very frequently, in order to slow down and evenly distribute the wear
  • It is recommended to get a cleaning service at least once a year, for a thorough cleaning of the couch. If you are confused about the service to use, couch cleaning Perth is a good option.
  • Spray with fabric protection for example, soil and stain repellents or cover it with antimacassars to protect and minimise any possible damage. This should be done sparingly.
  • Keep any material which could either spill or discolour away from the couch so as to prevent stains. Things like newspaper or wet coloured cloths. If possible keep people away from the couch when they have food items, especially drinks.
  • Clean any spills or stains as soon as they happen. Stains are very easy to clean and quick to come off, while spills are a little trickier than stains to get rid of, blotting them with clean and absorbent cloth can alleviate any long-lasting destruction.
  • If your couches have any metal compartments, ensure they are protected from fluids at all cost. This is to prevent rust and promote a long couch life

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