Steps involved into cleaning upholstery

If you want, you can learn how to clean the upholstery on your own by following the right steps. You should learn how to follow instructions and clean the upholstery to remove the stains and drinks in an effective manner.

  • The first step about how to clean the upholstery is to remove crust and large chunk first. Crusts come from different types of food stains. You should remove them by scrapping them away using a spoon. You may use a spatula when the stains is wet so that you can get rid of everything on it.  You should not rub the spatula on upholstery.
  • Next step about cleaning upholstery is to use vacuum at the furniture. You can get brush used for dusting in order to clean upholstery well. Many vacuums come with such accessories. The brush was not designed to work with wet stains, and this is why you should not use it for them. When you use the brush, it can make the damage even worse
  • The third step of cleaning upholstery is to use the cleaner. Hardware stores have the products that can be mixed to make the cleaner. To mix the cleaning product, you should grab the measuring cup and mix up the products as required. It is good to use biodegradable detergent.
  • The fourth step is using the brush that have soft bristles and using it in rubbing the mixtures of the cleaner in order to remove grime. Dirty is mixed with the foams of the soap and spatula will remove the foam together with dirt.
  • The fifth step is cleaning the suds. You may use the damp cloth to rinse them.  There should not be any foam left. You may repeat the same procedure if there are dirty sports and drying of the upholstery is the last step.  A fan may be used if you want to dry the furniture faster. You need to ensure that it is completely dry or you can get the mildew at it. You will try steps on one single spot of the upholstery before you clean the entire furniture to avoid damaging it.

Besides being aware of how to keep clean your upholstery, you should also learn other tips of maintaining your furniture. You should flip the cushions often and then extend the life of these cushions in order to minimize the indentation that takes place as the time passes.  You should also rotate the cushions because some will be used more than others. You should also ensure that the upholstery does not come into contact with the smoke, fumes, and sun.

Stains and dirty happens often. To keep the stains away, you have to ensure that the drinks or foods are not allowed near the furniture. The shoes should be kept away from the couch, while the cat and the dog should not be allowed on the furniture. You can also use pretreatment and slipover to prevent stains and soils. The fabrics are designed to withstand the grime and dirt but it is always good to profit the protection offered by some protective products.

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